Making Lives Infinitely Better

Parenting is incredibly challenging, particularly when our children have challenges. Families' Child Advocacy Network is composed of people, like you, that needed assistance navigating the available, but hidden, resources that you may be searching for. Our team connects you with the right professionals that have helped many others like you to find resolution to today's challenges and assist in preparing your family for what is around the corner.

How We Support Our Family

Through our network of dedicated professionals and family we provide guidance with the following services.

Orientation to the Child and Family Team Process is a class designed for families enrolled in Wraparound through Family Voices Network of Erie County. The aim of this class is to help families better understand the Wraparound process.

The Juvenile Justice Program at Families' Child Advocacy Network works in conjunction with families to support youth in the community who have become involved with the Juvenile Justice System of Erie County.

The Wraparound Process is a team approach that improves the lives of children and families who have complex emotional, behavioral, or social needs. The Wraparound Process has been shown to prevent and reduce the length of stay that children spend in residential care.