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Buffalo N.Y., known for its blizzards & cold weather, exploded onto the map with its revitalization project. From the revamping of homes to rebuilding our waterfront, your city has a lot to offer! The best part, for little or no cost! Check out Canalside for its beautiful art, entertainment or just to relax.
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Arts and crafts are a great way to let your inner child come out while doing something fun with your children. Art doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Art is an expression, and you certainly do not need to know how to draw perfect to express yourself through art. With a little time, patience and creativity, you will find that ordinary everyday items can be turned into a beautiful piece of art.

I found while doing this, that I wanted to rush so I can get it up on our site. The more I rushed, the more things started to go wrong. It wasn’t until I slowed myself down that everything fell into place. I noticed that it resembled life in a way. As I was doing this project, I found that when I pressed too hard, the coffee filter did not “stick,” but when I took the time to gently but firmly push the filter into the wreath and worked with it as I want along, I got better results. When one filter came loose, I gently put it back in its place as I went along with the other colors.  I had to take my time and have patience. Have fun with it, and take your time. Let the child know, that they need to go slow, and work with it. You may even need to come back to it. The lesson here is to slow down… I think we all deserve at least that!

All of the below items can be purchased at the dollar store, Walmart, or you may even have some of these items already. One wreath cost me LESS than $5.00


  1. 1 – 10″ foam wreath
  2. Pencil
  3. Approximately 60 Coffee Filters
  4. Watercolor Paint
  5. 2 plastic plates or bowls wide enough to dip the coffee filters in.
  • Take 20 of the white coffee filters and set aside.
  • Prepare the remainder of the coffee filters for dying.
  • add about a 1/4 cup of water to each bowl.
  • add blue watercolor to one bowl and red to another bowl.
  • Place 20 coffee filters in the blue water and 20 in the red. Ribbed side down. The key here is to give the edges just a bit of color.
  • After the filters are dipped, remove and set aside to dry completely. You will notice that some spots will be darker than others and that’s ok! It gives it character 🙂

Separate your coffee filters a bit to help the drying process.

Starting with the red filters, rim side up, bunch it together about halfway down to what looks like a makeshift flower. (I used the white coffee filter as an example).

On the outside rim of your foam wreath, begin to press the “bottom” of the filter into the wreath gently. There is no right or wrong way to do this, you are simply pushing it into the wreath to “stick”. The object is to get it to look flower-like, so you are really just working with the “base” of the coffee filter so the ruffles become fuller as you go along.

Go around the outside rim of the foam wreath with the red until all the way around.

Depending on how you place the first one, will determine the space you will need for the second and third, etc. You want them close enough so it will look full. 1/4″ – 1/2″ apart should be plenty.

Next, do the same thing with the white coffee filters on the “middle” part of the wreath.

Finally, on the inside of the wreath, take your blue coffee filters and repeat the same steps. And your done!

This is a fun inexpensive project that you can do for any holiday or just in your favorite colors. Have fun with it! 🙂

I must admit, I am a little addicted to making these. This is so easy and so much fun to do! The possibilities are endless. I hope you have as much fun as we did!


  1. At least a 1-gallon pail, or some large bucket.
  2. Cement
  3. Plastic disposable plates, or “cake tin” from the dollar store.
  4. Something to stir the cement. I used a small spade.
  5. A hose nearby and an extra cup, watering can or whatever with some water in it. (I’ll explain)

For the cement, I used Quikrete, found at most home improvement stores. The grade that I purchased was a mortar, which I wouldn’t recommend unless your plates are on the smaller side because it may crack. I like to use this one because it is a smooth finish no matter what. If you are going to do a larger stone, make sure it has the rocks already in it. This will give it more stability.

I filled my gallon bucket about half full with the cement. I got my hose and I added a bit of water. Just enough to cover the top.

Using my spade, I stirred the cement mixture like it was cake batter! Stirring making sure I got all of the sides and bottom. I noticed that I needed a bit more water…

So I got my hose and added what I THOUGHT was a “bit more”, NOPE! This is why I say to have handy extra water in a cup or watering can so you can manage how much you pour in there. What I didn’t show you was me adding countless cups of cement to make it thicker.

Ahhhh much better! Here we go! Your cement should have the consistency of peanut butter. When you hold your spade on its side, the cement should NOT easily fall off.

Next, fill your plate or whatever form you chose to use.

Take the plate edges, lift a bit and drop it. You want to do this a few times all over to get the air bubbles out and to even it out.

Now for the fun part! Start designing! Here, my niece made a butterfly with her hands and pressed her hands into the cement! FUN RIGHT!?!?

Here is what it looked like when she removed her hands. She could have pressed a bit more into the concrete, but that’s ok, you get the idea. Finally, set it aside to dry. And it does dry quick! IF you are using what I used, you will definitely need to seal it. They make concrete sealer or, I just used a clear gloss paint from Michaels (made for outdoors).

I made one using some shells I found at the beach. You can use pretty much anything! What’s priceless, is getting your child’s handprint or footprint while they are small, because they grow up so fast! And what a great gift idea!

This was made with my daughter and our dog Foohey. She put her hand in the concrete and Foohey’s paw next to it. Be sure to clean your pet’s paws off quickly and thoroughly!  They do make concrete dye if you want to get fancy. This happened to be a form I purchased at Michael’s that came with the white cement, for my daughter. Foohey is getting old 🙁 and doing this really made her smile…. and me too!